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Phew…! Gin please!

Gemma CuttsComment

Goodness me! What a busy couple of weeks! Took in the Agnes Martin Show at the Tate Modern… do you want to be enveloped in a serene joy…? Why of course you do!  It is so fantastic, I cannot recommend it enough.  I am fascinated with her search for perfection using a grid system.  Each canvas is the same size, similar to the maximum embroidery area on the embroidertron 3000 (20x30 cm), which means, when I design, I have work within these constraints. It has set me drawing again….watch this space for the results.

I have also finished a commission for twelve camper van cushions, which are now travelling somewhere up North and onto somewhere more exotic…AND.. I have finished another clutch bag, this time in a wealth of colour (naturally, it needs an outing), AND there is another one on the way!

All in all, a gin is definitely required.